Is it possible to accelerate a UK patent application?

Yes, it is possible to fast-track UK patent applications if you can provide a plausible reason for the request, e.g. you are aware that a competitor is about to launch a similar product.  If the invention relates to ‘green’ or environmentally-friendly technology, this will be sufficient reason to support a request to fast-track an application.

You can request an application be accelerated in various ways:

  • Accelerated search
  • Accelerated combined search and examination
  • Accelerated publication
  • Accelerated examination

 Requesting accelerated combined search and examination is often a good option.  If the results are favourable, and you want the patent to proceed to grant as soon as possible, this can be followed up by a request for accelerated publication.

 Requesting acceleration does not generally cost more but brings the costs forward.

(Provided by Steve Unwin, a colleague at Fry Heath Spence)
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