What are the advantages/disadvantages of accelerating a UK patent application?


  • The negotiating power and PR value of a granted patent is obtained earlier
  • You can enforce your patent rights sooner
  • A financial backer may be more willing to support the invention
  • You may have a better idea of the strength and scope of the patent by the time you need to decide whether to file corresponding patents in other countries


  • Details of your invention will be published earlier (although this can be avoided if you only request accelerated search and examination)
  • The strength (or weakness) of your patent rights will be revealed earlier
  • If the invention is still being developed, it may be harder or more expensive to modify the application
  • If it will take some time to bring to market, there may be no need to bring the date of grant forward.
(Provided by Steve Unwin, a colleague at Fry Heath Spence)
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