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What are the time limits for filing a registered design application?

Most countries require a design to be ‘novel’ – this means it must not be publicly disclosed (anywhere in the world) prior to filing an application to register the design at the relevant Patent Office.  However, there are some exceptions … Continue reading

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Why US inventors should not rely on the grace period

The USA does, of course, define a “grace period” in its patent law.  This is a period of one year prior to the filing date of an application, during which the applicant’s own disclosures do not count against the validity of … Continue reading

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Should you file applications via the PCT?

The “Patent Co-operation Treaty”, or “PCT” is an international agreement allowing applicants to file a single application in their home territory, which has effect in all PCT states (which is, these days, pretty well everywhere).  This effectively postpones the deadline … Continue reading

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