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What can I say about my invention before filing?

Ideally, nothing. Sometimes that isn’t commercially possible, though.  If you absolutely need to tell people about the invention and an application still isn’t filed, then make sure that those who receive the information are all under a strict duty of … Continue reading

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What is the deadline for Appeal in a Community Design?

Chris Hall and I have been involved in a design invalidation case before OHIM.  The other side (the design proprietor) have had their appeal deemed inadmissible in a decision which (if it is followed in future) will affect how time … Continue reading

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When is software patentable?

A common question. There are three basic hurdles to clear in order for an idea to be patentable. It must be: within an area of technology in which patents are permitted, new (i.e. different to that which was previously known) … Continue reading

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