About the Elephant


The field of Intellectual Property is full of details.  Those who excel in it are those who combine a mastery of the broad brush with care for the little details.  Equally, those who are not involved in it can find this impenetrable, even if they only have a simple question to ask.

Equally, it is a field that is difficult for the layperson to understand, and one where it can be expensive to get hold of good advice.

We found that we were always being asked (and often looking up!) the same questions.  So we wanted to set up a place that where the little facts could find a safe home.  Welcome to the IP Elephant, the place where the details are never forgotten.

If you’d like to submit an IP fact to us, then please add a comment to this page (We will always credit the source of a fact).  If you have a question that you’d like us to think about, then see here for details of how to contact us.


The IP Elephant is run by Michael Downing (@ukpatentagent) and Ben Mooneapillay (@trademarkagent).  Michael is the proprietor of Downing IP, and Ben is a partner at J A Kemp.